Adjustable Dumbbell Pair

Adjustable Dumbbell Pair, Dumbbell Combination Environmental Dumbbell Barbell


  • New environmentally friendly PVC material: wear-resistant and non-slip, better protection of the floor
  • Free combination is more convenient: the weight can be freely adjusted to suit the use of various forces.
  • 40cm thick foam connector, safe decompression plus non-slip, sweat-proof and comfortable handle, for pleasant exercise anytime, anywhere
  • The assembly design has various shapes, allowing the arms and chest muscles to be stretched more to achieve the ideal fitness effect.
  • Simple disassembly, small size, the best choice for home fitness


  • Material: pvc
  • Weight: 40kg/88.18lb


  • 1x connector
  • 2x dumbbell bar
  • 4x non-slip nuts
  • 8x3kg dumbbell tablets
  • 4x2.5kg dumbbell tablets
  • 4x1.25kg dumbbell tablets

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